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    Best Practice for Content created  and/or uploaded for another person


      I have search around in here and have not found what I am looking for so I am throwing it out here and seeking your advice.


      Coming from the Executive Admin world, I know that Admins have the task of created documents for the Executives they support.  In the "old" world, you typed the document and e-mailed if off for their approval once it was OK you added to the appropriate folder, no "owner" was attached to the document unless of course it was an e-mail which could be made to look like it came from other than your own desk.


      We currently have an Executive/CEO that wants to have a presence on Jive.  We have set up a space specifically for the purpose of moderating comments and questions that are created by employees.  He currently publishes a monthly "state of the union" address which is sent to all employees via e-mail.  At various other times, he will address the company, again through e-mail.  He does not "create" these documents himself.  Going forward, we want to have those communications placed on his Jive space but we want his name to appear on the documents, not his admin's name.  We currently use SSO and cannot recommend that his Admin use his login and password to achieve this goal.


      Any suggestions?