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    [Jive 6] Session variables are being erased between actions


      Hi folks - so I'm trying to pass some values between two actions for a plugin and can't just append it to the URL (for obvious reasons).


      Originally, in Jive 5 the code made use of the session property (a Map that's created when you've implemented SessionAware) and it was passed through fine. Now I'm finding that this map doesn't have the values I'm passing - I can still put them in, but the other action no longer has them.


      The session code is basically:


      session.put("businessProblem", businessProblemString);

      and then in the other action you use:



      It's fairly straightforward with Struts, but for some reason the session isn't being passed. These actions all inherit from AbstractSoyModelDrivenAction, which inherits from JiveActionSupport (and JiveActionSupport implements SessionAware).


      I've set devMode=false to see if that helps but no such luck. Does anyone have any idea what could be the cause?