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    Unexpected error deleting files and groups in the ESP

      Hi, Lev Waisberg


      I'm having issues trying to delete a file and a group from Jive.

      When Jive request the deletion of a file or folder, if we don't have any info about it (typically because the externalId has been lost) we don't do anything. The http code I'm sending is 200 as if the file has been deleted and I'm not sending any information (I've tried sending a "true" or "null" json value but the effect is the same).


      From my point of view, since (I think) I'm telling Jive that the deletion has been done ok, it should allow me to delete the file and then the folder even If the ESP doesn't have that information, as long as the ESP says so. However Jive shows an "an expected error has occurred" and nothing more.


      There is an extra thing that might be interfering: due to I cannot find the file in the ESP, the "GET" requests to download the version is returning an error with http code 500 (I cannot get the requested file).


      Yesterday, I created a group and delete it without problems, although it hadn't any content inside, so I guess something got broken when I uploaded a file, or when I tried to upload a new version of the file (this is to be implemented so I might have broken something here)


      I have no idea how to solve this issue, and I cannot delete the group I've created either