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    OSAPI Api - retrieve current "place"?


      Reposting Butch Marshall's q. here in Jive Developers: OSAPI Api - retrieve current "place"?


      osapi.jive.corev3.places.get().execute(function(response) {  



      Will give you a listing of all the Jive places - but how do you retrieve what current "place" you're viewing?


      We would like to allow page administrators to configure of our app on a per "place/blog" basis - however we need to figure out what place the user is configuring.


      osapi.jive.corev3.people.getViewer() gets the current user, so i guess is there a places.getPlace() to get the current place?


      The OpenSocial Spec 2.5 "getContext" would be what we need - but that's still a spec, so not implemented yet:


      OpenSocial Social Gadget Specification 2.5.0 DRAFT


      Any ideas how the get the "current context"?