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    Problems defining new soy templates

    pearle Beginner

      I am attempting to add new templates to an existing soy file - however when I try and reference this template I get the error message 'ERROR: no template found for aaa.bbb.cccc' (where aaa.bbb.ccc is the template name.


      I have overlayed the soy file in my themes directory, and if I make a change to the existing template, the change appears on my page, so I know I have put the soy file in the correct place. However my new template doesn't seem to be picked up - am I missing a configuration steps somewhere?

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          jdvande Novice

          Have you declared the dependency on your new template?


          If I understand you correctly, you've modified a standard jive template and have it call your own new template?


          Say your overlayed soy template is jive.boring.template with a call to aaa.bbb.cccc.  Jive.boring.template needs an @depends template=aaa.bbb.cccc in its preceding comment block.

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              pearle Beginner

              Hi - thanks for your quick reply!


              I'm not doing what you outline above, where an existing template makes a call to another template. Instead, I have a completely new template that I need to call. Rather than creating a new soy file, I have added the template to an existing soy file. I tried to create a new soy file with my 'new' template inside it, but that didn't work.

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              manish12nov Advanced

              Hey Peter,

              If I understand you correctly, Here is what you need to do :

              1. Check the namespace in you soy file at the beginning of the file :

              example : {namespace jive.abc}

              2. Check on the template name you are referring :

              example : {template .main}

              3. Now, If you have both of them correctly in place, then you need to refer the soy for example in your struts file like this :

              <result name="define-result" type="soy">jive.abc.main</result>


              Or, If you are referring the soy in another soy file then use :


              {call jive.abc.main}

                                      {param xyz : xyzbean /}

                                     //pass your params here to be used in your soy.


              Make sure you are passing and declaring all the data you want to use in you soy file (as param). Hope it helps.