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    Functionality to support Classifieds use case

      In order to support customers who might wish to offer a "Classifieds" space for the movement of assets in a company (could be business, personal, or both), create the following:


      • a new content type called Classified Ad
        • would have characteristics similar to a discussion content type
        • might also provide some form fields typical of a posting to provide some consistency in what is posted
        • provide customer with ability to configure which fields are optional or mandatory
      • provide ability to poster to flag the content type as something to be offered, something to be sold, or something that is sought
      • when the item is sold, given away, etc., provide ability for poster to mark the item as "Sold" (or no longer available) - like we do today for marking a question as Answered

      • Provide ability to configure expiration period through system properties for the content type so as to keep posting fresh (e.g. postings should automatically expire after X days)
      • Create some icons to represent the notion of items available, items sought