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    External Content Type API

    nbradfish Advanced

      We’re working on the next iteration of our SharePoint intranet platform and we’d like to integrate with our Jive instance.  We have news articles curated by our Corporate Communications team stored within our SharePoint platform and we’d like to socially enable them. The articles themselves need to remain in SharePoint while the social interactions, such as commenting and liking, should reside in our Jive instance.


      At Jive World this year, we heard talk of an external content type and we believed this would fit our needs.  The documentation on external content types is sparse though.  The only references we’ve found to it are in the Jive SDK documentation and the SDK example add-ons in GitHub.  There are no references to it in the REST API documentation.


      Is there any documentation that states what capabilities the external content type provides?  Also, is the external content type only available within the context of an add-on using the new SDK?  If there’s a different way to approach this that we should be thinking about, we’d like to hear about that as well.  Thanks.

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          jrlarson Advanced

          Do you have the Jive / Sharepoint integration module?

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              nbradfish Advanced

              Hi John.  Yes, we are licensed for the Jive for SharePoint plugin.  We understand that document synchronization and commenting are among its capabilities.  However, our SharePoint intranet site is heavily customized.  The level of integration we're looking for with Jive on our SharePoint platform (namely UI) can't be accomplished with the stock Jive for SharePoint product.

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                  ellenfeaheny Novice

                  Hi Nicholas -


                  What are the features in the SP to Jive integration that you are looking for, more specifically - we have done quite a bit of work with DMS integrations..Also we have worked on Jive integrations for a couple yrs - maybe we can marry some skills?


                  Can you clarify what you would like, and I can offer a suggestion perhaps?
                  (What version of Jive are you running?)