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    How to add users to groups after registration




      The need is to have users automatically added to specific groups when they register.  I looked at the Jive API and it seems easy enough to write a small application that would get all new users and add memberships for them.  The part I'm unclear on is where to host the application.  Can it be put on the production Jive server as a service that runs peroidically?  Is this the best way to solve this problem?



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          Hi David!


          You have two options here:

          Create it as an app, that performs the task via the REST api. This option is very lightweight, the drawback is that you need to host your app outside of the Jive server. It is generally not a good idea (nor possible if Jive hosted or cloud) to co-host other applications on the Jive server. Given the fact that you might have internal resources and alternatively there are a ton of free web application platforms, this is a good option, and likely the fastest.


          You could build this as a Jive plugin. This would allow you, to do the group assignment automatically upon registration. Very elegant, but the learning curve is steep, and you will have to maintain your solution as you upgrade to newer Jive version. Also, not an option for Jive cloud and generally discouraged by Jive unless absolutely necessary.


          You might also want to take a look at the Admin Essentials Plugin as it might be an option for you also

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            Hello Nils,


            Thank you very much for the reply!  The Admin Essentials Plugin sounds like the best option for us.  In the context of the plugin what is a container ID?  When I clicked on the link to add domains to the include list for group membership I got sent to a page asking for a container ID.  I should mention that I am new to Jive so it may just be a terminology gap that I don't understand...the syntax for the command looks straightforward.


            Thanks again for your advice!