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    Question about creating a special badge


      I would like to create a special badge called "Certified Trainee Badge" to be a quick edutainment tool for a training course.

      To earn this badge, the trainees have to complete 5 tasks as the following;

      1. Complete profile

      2. Follow 5 users

      3. Follow 2 groups

      4. Install Jive for Office and Jive for Outlook

      5. Upload a document

      I wonder that the trainees will receive only 1 badge (Certified Trainee) or they will receive 6 badges from completing each task (Be Yourself, Follower, The Network, My Apps, Docu-mentor and Certified Trainee)

      Moreover, if some trainees have already done some missions prior the training, will that be problem for them to earn this Certifed Badge?


      Thank you in advance!