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    Ghost Notifications


      A few of us occasionally receive a ghost notification on our iPhones: we see the notification, click through but there's no new discussion reply or blog post comment. It seems to be happening more frequently over the past week.  Does anyone else get these?


      I suspect that other activities such as liking, rating or even bookmarking are generating these false notifications. 


      I didn't find any other posts on this or entries in known issue documents.  I hope someone could shed some light here.

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          I think it has to do with moderation: some content received multiple abuse reports and was hidden. Then these abuse reports were rejected and the content put back into circulation, which we know forces it back into the communications stream as unread, forcing a notification on the mobile app.


          Moving content would also have this effect.


          Any thoughts?

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            eickyeicky Intermediate

            Were you going through an upgrade when this happened? We just went through one (we are hosted) and when we'd update something in our dry-run instance, we'd get a push notification through our app of our current instance that led to nothing new.