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    Twitter widget deprecated

    anirbandutta Advanced

      Twitter timeline widget embed code used to work, and obviously a hit with cmgrs for showcasing their handles on the Overview pages of their Communities.

      But suddenly it got deprecated for Jive. Interestingly it shows the feed when you resize the browser window?

      Any idea on how to make the plugin height flexible as highlighted by laurent matheo's cool suggestion in the first answer?


      Please disregard any reference to the original discussion as it happened in a Private group.

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      Is there any problem with the twitter widget?

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      Shweta Hardikar Oct 18, 2013 12:38 PM

      I am not able to view the twitter feed correctly on any group. The widget is visible in the layout but appears cropped.


      twit err.png and twitt error.png

      What can I do to correct this?

      Laurent Matheo
      Correct Answer by Laurent Matheo on 21 Oct, 2013 8:00 PM

      Actually it seems that, at least on mac os (firefox / Chrome), if you resize the web browser window you can see the tweets (the twitter bar resizes itself then):

      Before resize:



      After resize:


      See the answer in context
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