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    Jive 7 purposeful places : is group type impacted in templates?




      When changing the template of a group, I happened to receive this alert :

      Warning group type for templates.jpg


      I assume that means that a group type ( open / private / externally accessible?) is "included" in the template?


      If that's the case:

      1/ I find it very confusing / dangerous for the user who choose their group type at the very beginning of the creation process, and then apply the template that change that group type

      Create Group  WEEZ - Google Chrome.jpg

      2/ The information should at least be in the template details (I could not find it anywhere...)

      Create Group  WEEZ - Google Chrome_2.jpg


      I hope that I missed something here... can someone reassure me?

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          Hi Marine,


          You're correct, group type is bundled together with templates on initial group creation.  Certain templates are designed with specific needs and use cases in mind, such as externally accessible groups.  In your case, when a user chooses a template, it can change the group type that the user has selected.  When we change the type, we warn the user.  However, you make a good point about it being available in the template description. We're currently reworking this flow a bit, so I'll file a ticket to get that bit of information included.  We had to present the group type selection at this stage, because some users won't apply templates.  In that case, we need to let them chose group type.


          I do want to point out that we only change the group type during the initial group set up.  If you've actually created the group and it's live, then you circle back and apply a new template that has a different group setting, we do not make that change.  We respect the user's original group type setting.


          Let me know your thoughts or if you have any more questions.  Happy to help.



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              For your own instance, you can help alleviate the problem by renaming the template to indicate it is for external groups. You can also hide it completely if you don't want people to use that template.

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                Hi Marnie,


                Thanks for the details. Can we find somewhere the overview of the group types used for each template? That would help in choosing which ones we want to push for which use. I have started to list all the default templates and would appreciate not to have to create all of of them in order to find out if they are open or private ;-)


                CategoryTemplateGroup Type
                Corporate CommunicationsBlog Central
                Communications Planning
                Live Event streaming
                GeneralTeam Collaboration
                Best Practices Sharing
                War room
                Customer 360°
                HRBest Practices Sharing
                Pre-Hire collaborationPrivate / Externally Accessible
                ITBest Practices Sharing
                Technology Roll out and support
                IT helpdesk Collaboration
                It upgrade planning
                RFP workgroup
                MarketingEvent Planning
                Customer, Partner, or Vendor Collaboration
                Campaign Planning
                Customer Success stories
                R&DBest practices sharing
                R&D Planning
                SalesSales Home
                Sales Answer Desk
                Deal Room - Generic
                RFP workgroup
                Customer 360
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                    Sure, happy to help.  Can you move your table into a new document?  I'll edit directly in that document.

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                        Marine shared the table with me (in another doc) and I've updated it.  Here's what the final version looks like (for all those following along):


                        CategoryTemplateGroup TypeTags
                        Corporate CommunicationsBlog CentralMembers onlyblogs
                        Communications PlanningPrivatecorp comms
                        Live Event StreamingOpenevent, stream
                        GeneralTeam CollaborationOpenno default tags
                        Best Practices SharingOpenbest practice
                        War RoomOpenno default tags
                        Customer 360°Openno default tags
                        HRBest Practices SharingOpenbest practice
                        Pre-Hire CollaborationPrivate / Externally Accessiblepre-hire
                        ITBest Practices SharingOpenbest practice
                        Technology Roll Out and SupportOpentechnology
                        IT Helpdesk CollaborationOpenhelpdesk
                        IT Upgrade PlanningOpenupgrade, it
                        RFP WorkgroupPrivaterequest_for_proposal, rfp
                        MarketingEvent PlanningPrivateevent
                        Customer, Partner, or Vendor CollaborationPrivate / Externally Accessiblevendor, agency, partner, collaboration
                        Campaign PlanningPrivateassets, campaign
                        Customer Success storiesOpenwin, success_stories
                        R&DBest Practices SharingOpenbest practice
                        R&D PlanningOpendevelopment, research
                        SalesSales HomeOpensales
                        Sales Answer DeskOpensales, questions
                        Deal Room - GenericOpendeal_room, win
                        RFP WorkgroupPrivaterequest_for_proposal, rfp
                        Customer 360Openno default tags
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                            Thanks a lot Marnie! That will definitely help.

                            Also, I like Nikki's idea of renaming the templates... but can't seem to find the way to do it . In the admin console, the only interface I find is in Add-ons > templates categories and I can only rename categories there, not the templates themselves.

                            Console administrateur Jive  Catgories de modles - Google Chrome_2.jpg

                            Any hint?


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                                Yep!  It's not in the admin console, it's in the front end UI.  Once you have a template configured the way you like it, there should be an option in the Group under the Manage link called "Save as new template"

                                Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 8.11.32 AM.png

                                And once you select that, you'll see the modal that lets you rename the template:

                                Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 8.11.44 AM.png

                                After you do that, you'll find your "new" template under the My Templates section in the template browser.  This section doesn't appear until you have a template saved there.  And finally, you can choose to reapply that template to the existing group that you first created the template from. 

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                        One quick update: I've filed an improvement ticket to get the group type indicated on the template selection screen.  I'm not sure of the level of effort required for this, but I'm hopeful it's something we can add in soon.