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    Useful tips for intellij Idea


      If you are using idea as default IDE here are some useful tips (referred idea version 13):


      a. Set import limit to a big value to avoid clubbing import statements e.g. a.b.c.* instead of a.b.c.d

           IDEA clubs the imports once it reaches 5 or more imports. The problem with this is that in case we have multiple classes with same name

           in different packages it becomes confusing that the class belongs to which package. e.g. ObjectFactory


      Steps : go to Preferences -> Code Style -> Java -> Imports tab

      Change its value to a big value e.g. 50


      b. File History : Increase file history limit

           Recently opened files can be quickly accessed by typing Command + E

           It is by default limited to very few files and we can increase the number of maximum files that are available in the list.


      Steps: go to Preferences -> Editor

      Change recent files limit to a bigger number.


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