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    Does Jive have a functional test plan?


      Things like how to test all the features and functionality of Jive once it's installed and configured. It would need to include how to carry out the tests too.




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          I came up with this from the top of my head but wondered if there was a proper plan with test instructions somewhere, thanks. Jive Internal Communities


          Community QA/functional tests


          SSO and access control to Jive

          Check existing users can access Jive

          Profile mappings correct – name, location, 5 digit dial, dept, job title

          Grant a new user access

          Check a user without access gets access denied



          User preferences correct

          Change preferences

          Set/change avatar

          Set/change profile pic

          Follow and unfollow content

          Modify bio, expertise and skills

          Create status update

          Create labels, add people


          Incoming and outgoing email

          Email in to group discussion alias (no blank body)

          Receive email notification of content

          Reply from email to content


          Jive tools

          Install Office, Outlook and Jive Anywhere tools from the site

          Check config of tools

          Test changing docs

          Test creating a discussion from JA

          Test adding to a discussion from JA

          Collaborate on a doc, check versioning, revert

          Convert email thread to a discussion

          Check super search and social bar



          Create a new group

          Join a group

          Leave a group

          Manage group members


          Theming and branding

          AUP visible and link works

          Group create templates work

          Links to spaces visible and links work

          Home page icon correct and link works



          Create a discussion

          Contribute to a discussion

          Like a discussion

          Upload a doc

          Download a doc

          Create a poll

          Vote on a poll

          Create an event

          Download an event to Outlook

          Create and idea

          Vote on an idea

          Create a video

          Create a Photo album

          Create a project

          Report abuse


          Community Manager Tests

          Check admin access – full, content and system

          Grant admin access

          Remove admin access

          Status points accurate, check increment

          Create a space

          Modify space permissions

          Manage reported abuse

          Test document restore

          Deactivate a user