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    Who else is using the Bunchball Nitro API along with Jive?


      Curious who else is using the Nitro API to build custom gamification with Jive and Bunchball?  If you are using the API, what are you doing with it?


      To give you an example of some of the things we are doing, here are a few things we have built with the API:

      • Rewards Store...spend your Bunchball Points on items in a store
      • Training modules tied to Missions...earn points for completing trainings
      • Custom Leaderboards
      • Custom Missions
      • User Referral system awarding points for referrals
      • Replicating data into in-house SQL server for advanced reporting


      Our lead developer posted some screenshots here: Are you using the gamification module to track/reward activity outside of JIVE?

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          Hi Brian,

             Saw you tagged me in the previous discussion, so I do have a few questions. Looks like you are using the Nitro APIs to write customizations … cool. Are you displaying these customizations in Jive or another system? Have you purchased the Full Nitro system from Bunchball (looks like you have) and if so, what other systems have you tied into? What reporting system are you using? Not that it matters too much, just curious if you are using the transactional data that the Nitro server collects and collating it with users vs just user IDs.

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            kanwargrewal Novice

            Hi Brian,


            We have similar requirement like yours. Could you pls help me to give some pointers for the following:


            We have Jive-n cloud community for intranet users and we are using Jive's default reward system. Now we would like to do customization where user can spend his/her reward points in store to get their prizes through an check out process. For example, if user has 6000 points in Reward Store, he can buy following prizes:

            2000 points - Travel Bag

            4000 points - Sports Watch

            With each prize claimed from the list, the points required for that item will be deducted from user's total points.


            How can we achieve this customization in Jive? Are there any APIs available to play around with user's reward system in Jive?


            Thanks in Advance :-)