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    In V6 can I extract a report showing number of contents and views of content by content type

    clairetaz Jive SME


      I was producing trend reports in v.5 from an 'all content' master data file our operations team pulled for me:

      1. number of blogs, discussions, documents, videos
      2. number of views of blogs, discussions, documents, videos

      and from the above I manually created using excel:

      - average number of views per blog, discussion, document, video

      - trend month on month showing and increase in all of the above

      This was great because it showed the increasing trends of content and viewing of the different types of content across the platform. It also showed for example that Videos were viewed on average 30 times whereas documents were viewed on average 17 times. It demonstrated vitality of content, popularity, and ROI in terms of re-using and sharing information.


      Then when we moved to v.6, the data the team extracted the content and although it shows the # responses, likes etc which is GREAT, it now only shows the 'top 1000' most-read contents. This means that the reports above are now showing skewed stats (e.g. 80 average views per content) because it is only looking at most-viewed content and not 'all content'. Plus I can no longer see the increase in volumes of contents. The tech guys say it is not possible to pull the 'all content' report. Can you advise me how to get this please?


      Russell Pearson fyi