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    Communities Project - Deletes in Jive7 (JIVE_ANALYTICS schema)

    georgianateler Novice

      Hi Jive Team,



      I am part of MyOracleSupport (MOS) Analytics team, working on data mapping for Communities project.

      We are mapping our business requirements to JIVE_ANALYTICS schema in Jive7 (http://docs.jivesoftware.com/schemas/7_0/analytics/).


      We have some questions about the action of DELETE in JIVE_ANALYTICS schema.


      1) If a comment, document, message or thread is DELETED at a certain time, can the same object appear again in the database with the same comment_id, document_id, message_id, thread_id ?

      That is to say, once DELETED, can the objects appear again in the database with the same id and the status "UNDELETED", "CREATED" or other status ?


      For example :

      In jive_analytics.JIVEDW_ACTIVITY_FACT table we have a 'DELETE' for a comment:


      select * from jive_analytics.jivedw_activity_fact

      where activity_type = 30 --delete

      and direct_object_type = 2 --message

      and direct_dw_object_id = 7796866; -- dw_object_id for the message


      --returns 1 row, with activity_ts = '26-MAR-14 AM'


      Can we have a new action inserted in jive_analytics.JIVEDW_ACTIVITY_FACT table for the same direct_object_type = 2 and direct_dw_object_id = 7796866 and with a timestamp greater that '26-MAR-14 AM' ?

      If yes, what status/activity_type can it have ("CREATE", "UNDELETE", other status) ?


      Please explain the feature for comment, document, message, thread.




      2) In jive_analytics.JIVEDW_ACTIVITY_META table, we have the action of 'UNDELETE', but applicable only to documents :


      select * from jive_analytics.jivedw_activity_meta where lower(activity_name) like '%undelete%';

      --80    Undelete    This is used by documents. If a document is deleted, an admin can find and un-delete the document.


      Can you please confirm :

      a) if UNDELETE can be applied only to documents (on all Jive environments at this moment) ? If applied also to other objects, please tell us the complete list of objects.

      b) if UNDELETE for documents (or other objects) is implemented at this time in Jive 7 (Dev, Stage, Production Environment) or is only at "design level" ?


      In Dev environment, we don't have any undeletes in JIVEDW_ACTIVITY_FACT table :

      select * from jivedw_activity_fact where activity_type = 80;   --no rows returned



      Please let me know if I can provide you more information about my questions!


      Appreciate you help!