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    Is it possible to use gamification in a certain group only?

    mgyalog Novice

      Follow-up question to this one.


      At the moment, we are in the process of rolling out Jive 7 cloud for a ~100k org. We are also building an enterprise gamification strategy for the whole organization, for many platforms besides Jive. We would like to avoid user confusion and so we are considering turning off gamification on Jive completely while the details of the enterprise strategy are being worked out.

      In the meantime, we would like to "test drive" gamification in a way that is not intrusive for the people who are not aware of our gamification efforts.


      • Is it possible to collect points or even award badges based on behaviour in a single group but not elsewhere?
      • Would it show on user profiles, hover cards, etc.?


      Again, any insight would be greatly appreciated.




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          Miklos - are you talking about ootb gamification in Jive or the advanced gamification module from Bunchball? Guessing Bunchball from the badges reference but want to make sure.

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            You can use metadata to specify a particular group or space that a mission applies to:

            Jive Advanced Gamification Module (Bunchball): Admin Documentation


            You can also target missions to a specific group of people so that only those involved with the "test drive" can see missions. 


            However, I would caution against this approach since the rest of the community will still see gamification elements and either want to participate or wonder about what's going on, and generally cause confusion.  (Unless there's a way to customize the gamification module so it only shows up for a target group)


            Perhaps I would rephrase your question into "What are you hoping to accomplish with this 'test drive?'"  If you are looking to prove that gamification drives positive behaviors, I would point to the rest of the community here for their opinions as well as the case studies that are available with specific measurable results.


            Here's one example case study for T-Mobile from Jive and Bunchball.



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                jberzoy@cisco.com Advanced

                Hi Matt,


                one of the things we are trying to achieve is to have separate Gamification campaigns for Sales, Engineering, Marketing, HR etc. We want them to see only those missions that are related to their teams. We also want to be able to give them badges, and not account actions that are completed outside their designated groups.

                We have created team challenges that are tied to a specific group, however, currently everyone can see the full list of all team missions in the 'Team Challenges' widget. And also people joining the team are currently gaining points through individual missions, which are getting accounted towards the team progress, although these points were obtained elsewhere.

                We can customize default individual actions to corresponding groups as well (i.e. 'Like content in the X group', 'Like content in the Y group' etc.), but those will also be visible to everyone and will be quite confusing. If we turn off individual missions completely, we might lose platform engagement with the users who do not belong to any team.

                In a short summary: we want to be able to run efficient team competition without affecting anyone else in our community.

                Is there an approach that you can recommend?


                Thank you,