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    Why can't a task be created outside a project?


      A general question. Why do you always need a project to create tasks?

      Sometimes you  just want to assign a task in a group that has no relation with a project.

      Of course the task requires assigned person and deadline.


      Anybody with best practices or advise?

      Is this maybe on the short list for product enhancements? Does this exist in the community?





        • Re: Why can't a task be created outside a project?

          Tasks have the following hierarchy:

          Network > Project > Tasks > SubTasks

          • Networks have been designed to let you collaborate with your whole organization. They contain everything (the people, projects, tasks and subtasks) and are the top-level in Producteev.
          • Projects are items that are created to contain a specific item (Ex. Planning for a launch).
          • Tasks are items that are assigned to individuals or groupings of people. (Ex. Please review text)
          • Subtasks are items within a task that may or may not be dependencies to completing a project. (Ex. create text for launch day)


          At the moment, there are no plans to add tasks outside of a project - however, you can always create a project for all your non-project-related tasks?