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    StreamOnce + Jive7 + Recent Content Widget = I Need A Simple List of Content

    DustinSmth Novice

      Greetings Jive hivemind!  Hoping collective wisdom can assist me with something I'm trying to figure out.


      I'm rocking a Jive 7 sandbox trial and am loving the StreamOnce capability to help capture knowledge flowing into a massive Outlook alias internally.  I'm trying to configure the overview page for the group that is hooked up to StreamOnce to show a clean list of messages coming in, just like the Recent Content widget in Jive 6 (example).


      Unfortunately, the StreamOnce external content only seems to show-up inside a Recent Activity widget.  I don't want this view of the content (nor the status update field that seems to come with it as a per-requisite).


      Is StreamOnce content treated differently than message, docs, etc. and hence not available in the Recent Content widget (I'm confirming that I've edited to the widget and toggled "External Contet" to on)?


      Any insight here would be much appreciated.