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    Spotlight Search and Subspaces

    John Schwiller Guru

      Wonder if this seems logical to you?


      Here we are located in the 'Dummy' space and do a spotlight search for 'bone' which appears in the name of two spaces site wide. Under the default 'Show all results' we are returned both spaces, the first is outside 'Dummy' but the one marked in green is a subspace of 'Dummy'.


      Spotlight All.jpg



      Then we switch to 'Show results only for Dummy' and the subspace is not shown.


      Spotlight local.jpg


      Note that if there had been content that matched 'bone' in 'Dummy' it would have been shown in both views (I tried it).


      I'm trying to rationalise (in my mind) that the filter on spotlight search seems to treat the subspace as not being within 'Dummy' in the same way as it does with content.