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    QuickLinks Plugin Not Rendering %5B and %5D in URL

    Kate Bellard Advanced

      I'm wanting to use the QuickLinks plugin to help users navigate to Places, Connections, Blog Posts, Documents, and Bookmarks.


      However, the links to blog posts and documents do not work for all users. The link to blog posts is essentially a filtered content tab - narrowed down by authored and content type.


      In the admin console, the "my blog posts" URL in quicklinks contains the mark-up for the "[" and "]" characters, which is "%5B" and "%5D" respectively. Regardless of the method used in the admin console, neither the actual characters or the markup for the characters makes it's way to the live site. For example in the admin console, we can have a URL that contains "objecttype=%5Bblogposts%5D", but when we try using the links, the URL drops the markup for the square brackets, so we end up with "objecttype=blogposts".


      Has anyone else run into this issue with QuickLinks? Jive Developers




      Erin Clements