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    About Permissions

    fahri.uzun Novice

      Please let us choose who can delete projects or messages etc.. At the moment anyone with access can do everything with single click which is not good for data security

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          davinchie_214 Novice

          Hi fahri uzun I don't know if I'm getting your question right but let me try to answer that even if I am not a Producteev expert and perhaps I could be just like you. This is maybe because you set all your users as Admins. You can set just one admin and the rest will be just standard users. To do that, try this:

          1. In your network, click the gear icon next to the user to unset the user to just a standard user


          2. Or upon creation of a network, click on the Advanced settings and select Locked. That should do it.



          John Acebes