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    How do set the UserPrefs for an app (that was installed as an add-on)

    Robert Hanson Advanced

      In this document: https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-65828

      In this section: Step 2: Working with User Preferences

      It states that, "When you add user prefs, Jive automatically adds a menu option to the application's settings UI."


      I used the jive-sdk to create the "example-sampleapps" add-on, which includes three Jive apps (opensocial gadgets).  Two of these applications have user preferences defined in the app.xml (rtejsondropper and sizingapp), but the App Settings doesn't appear on the page.


      Anyone know why I'm not seeing the "App Settings" link?  Is it because the app was installed as an add-on, or maybe something is missing from the app.xml, or maybe something else?


      I'm running locally, and I do see the App Settings button for other apps like Goshido.


      Here is a summarized version of the apps.xml for the "rtejsondropper" app showing the <UserPref> elements.

      <Module specificationVersion="1">
        <ModulePrefs title="RTE JSON Dropper" ...>
        <UserPref name="name" display_name="Your name" datatype="string" default_value="Joe" required="true"/>
        <UserPref name="color" display_name="Your favorite color" datatype="string" default_value="Blue" required="true"/>
        <Content type="html" view="canvas" href="canvas.html" />
        <Content type="html" view="embedded, embedded.json" href="drop_json.html" preferred_height="700" preferred_width="600"/>
        <Content type="html" view="embedded.html" href="drop_html.html" preferred_height="250" preferred_width="600"/>