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    What version of OpenSocial is Jive using?

    Robert Hanson Advanced

      In the document https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-65828

      It has 4 links to the OpenSocial documentation...

        - 2 of the links are broken.

        - 1 link points to documentation for version 0.9.

        - 1 link points to documentation for version 1.1.


      So what version(s) of OpenSocial does Jive support?  And what version of Shindig is it using?


      I also see this in the example on that page:

        <Require feature="opensocial-1.0"/>

        <Require feature="osapi"/>


      Can someone briefly explain the difference between these two requires?



        • Re: What version of OpenSocial is Jive using?

          Pinging Yuval Z to update the links to the OpenSocial Specs.  Jive (6 and above, as well as cloud) uses OpenSocial 2.5 and the corresponding Shindig 2.5 implementation.


          Regarding the particular features, opensocial-1.0 enables APIs from pre-1.0 versions of the spec for backwards compatibility (as well as some basic internal capabilities), which were modeled to look a lot like Java calls (things like opensocial.Person.getDisplayName()).  The osapi feature enables the more recent API designs that are much more concise and follow typical JavaScript conventions.  These conventions are also used by Jive's Core API implementation if you select that feature as well, and are the ones I would recommend focusing on.  They are documented in the Social Gadget Spec part of the specification, although you will also find the information and APIs described in Core Gadget Spec to be useful as well.

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