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    Security PIN for jive mobile app

    pawans Advanced

      Hi Anuj,

      Next week we are upgrading from jive 6.0.4 to jive

      Finally we will be able to utilize the new iOS and android apps.


      In jive 7, we have facility to enable oauth for mobile apps.

      So now users just have to login once and then they are kind of logged in for ever.

      Most of the mobile apps like dropbox, box, okta, etc support this and now even jive has it.

      But these is one extra level of security for all these apps which surprisingly is missing in jive mobile apps.

      This is the security pin feature.

      All these mobile apps have facility to add a security pin which a user has to enter every time the app is accessed.

      This is beneficial to some extent in case of mobile phone thefts.

      Give a lot of sensitive information shared on our internal jive community, Our info security team has not allowed us to use oauth since this feature is missing in jive mobile apps.


      Is there a plan to add security pin feature anytime soon?