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    Hiding Content from a Search


      Hello all,


      Does anyone know of a way to hide specific content from a search?  For example, if I create a document, what can I do to make that specific document invisible to all forms of search (content search, @mentioning, etc.)?

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          it2000 Advanced

          Do you have a use case for this?

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              The general use case would be as follows:


              A user creates a document.  He fills in the fields and adds content.  He designates the document as visible to everyone.  Somehow he selects an option to hide the document from any searches.  He publishes the document and pushes a link to it to a group or groups of people, who can then share it with others.  The document does not show up in any internal searches. 


              Ideally the user would hide the document from searches in any of the following manners:

              1. The document's author selects a checkbox or another control to hide the document from internal searches before publishing the content.
              2. The user selects a special, custom document from the "Create" drop-down menu that is automatically hidden from searches.
              3. The user creates a document and then requests that the admin hides the document from searches, perhaps using some sort of "blacklist" that excludes content according to its unique ID.


              Any ideas?

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                  it2000 Advanced

                  For me this sounds like another option to create content which will sooner or later be lost and never be found again. I expect that there are only a few people who are looking for such an option.


                  The OOTB option is likely (Mark correct me if I'm wrong): Create a private document and then share it with others - unfortunately there is no way to share it with groups. Anyhow one can still search and find it.

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                jkurutz Advanced

                Has there been any further discussion on this topic?


                Our use case: We have uploaded thousands of software bug reports that we keep in their own space. When they're fixed, we'd like to be able to move them to shielded space so they don't show up in our everyday global nav bar searches. However, we still want to retain the ability to visit that archive space and search it deliberately.


                Is there a way to do this?

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                    tomghinder Novice

                    I like the use case that Josh has indicated.  We have the same requirement for old documentation.  We still may need access for particular users, but we don't want them found in the global search.


                    I would like to exclude certain groups and places from the global search.  If I specifically search within that place I would like search to work.


                    We have some places in our site that are more 'social' and we don't want those pages appearing when the 'real' content is searched.


                    LG . - Can you assist?   Does this exist in Jive 8?  Thanks.  Tom

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                        whoiskevin Expert

                        This would require quite a bit of customization to have these results filtered out of searches unless specifically asking for these places.


                        I seriously doubt this is in any future versions.  Mostly likely a customization you would need to pursue but honestly I think it has a lot of difficulties that would end up making it a very extensive and expensive customization.

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                          it2000 Advanced

                          Old documents with an old date could be filteted out (before/after date).

                          Search should find everything - also 'social' discussions about the topic.

                          There is no "not place x" filter. But excluding keywords "... and not obsolete" is possible. While I'd avoid updating old docs to add there 'obsolete'.

                          Looking at Google - there one finds old bug reports for WinNT or Win98. As long as sorting(relevance) works this is no issue. Better tuning of the search engine (prio -3 for space X or keyword y) should be the way to solve this ... a todo for Jive.