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    Keyword Interceptors - Email notification and Moderation works differently

      I was looking to set up selective moderation and moderation using Keyword Interceptor seem to fit 80% of my requirements (though I am not exactly looking for "banned keywords"). My requirement is this:


      • I have a space ABC, and I have projects 123, 456, 789.... within it.
      • I want set up moderation at ABC level, to send anything with the keyword(s) "project escalation" posted anywhere in any of the projects within ABC to a moderation queue.


      I tried two options available in Keyword Interceptor: Moderation and Email Notification.


      Email notification works fine - Jive sends me an email whenever anything with "project escalation" is posted or modified within the projects, BUT it doesn't work for Moderation. Strangely moderation interceptor only works at the space level (when something is posted in ABC space with the keyword, I get it in my moderation queue) but not for projects (It ignores something with the same keywords posted at the project level).


      Has this worked for anyone else? is there a way to fix the keyword moderation so that it works at the project level too?

      Ryan Rutan, Karl Cyr

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            Thanks Karl Cyr. It is a beautifully written very useful post, and we did try that - but a system level set up is too broad for us.


            It would have been okay if I could set it up at global/system level and can restrict the interceptor to specific content type - for example: Keyword interceptor (moderation) at system level that only pushes documents and uploaded content with the keyword "project escalation" to the moderation queue.


            Can I set it up like that by adding an additional property/modifying an existing one?


            That also brings us to the second point that I had mentioned: the keyword interceptor email notifications mode kicks off an email when the keyword is used anywhere in these projects, but the keyword interceptor moderation mode does not route the content from the projects to the moderation queue (but it works fine for content posted in the space).


            I went by the moderation inheritance rule in Jive 7 documentation (going by that, the moderation mode should work in my projects as well)

            • Projects inherit the moderation settings of their container space or sub-space and are moderated by the Space Moderator(s), if there is one, and if not, by the Global Moderator(s). If there is no Global Moderator, the application will send the moderation request to the Full Access user(s).

            Note: Projects inherit the moderation settings of their container space or sub-space except in the case of status updates posted in projects, which are moderated the same way as status updates posted in a group.

            We are currently stuck at this point!