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    How to post content so that in displays in a project and group?

    jonnygar Novice

      Following up on Categories are Tags -- or at least ought to be ... We want to make it easy to syndicate content in different places that you would expect it.


      My use case here is I'm tagging important updates with the tag announcements. And, as such, items tagged with that in the project should be syndicated in more places, such as the containing group. It doesn't look like that's supported -- it appears we have to choose a project or a group.


      It *may* be possible to hack this via RSS. If you could come up with a stream meaning "All items of type X with tags Y in projects under group Z", you could include that on the page for group Z. But I haven't seen it.


      The only thing I see Jive 7 does to support this, is on the Projects page -- it only shows the latest activity per project.


      Or am I missing something?