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    Email question about follow/unfollow UI function Jive 7.

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      I am defining one scenario and I need to know what happens at the last step 5.


      1. There are 3 users . A, B, C

      2. User A creates a group and user B and C follows  it by clicking on Follow in UI

      3. User A then creates a document inside group.

      4. User B comments on that document (as far as I know business logic automatically makes user to follow that document because user B interacted by commenting on doc. Please correct me if I am wrong. IF I am correct then I should see entry in the jiveStreamAssocaition for user B, object ID and type correct? )

      5. Now as user C is following a container (group that A created) not the doc.(user C did not go to the doc. and click follow button ) that A created and B commented on. Will user C receive an email when user B comments on  a doc. that user A created earlier.  Also if yes then I assume there should be an entry in the jiveStreamAssocaition for user A, object ID and type correct? I have verifies there is entry only when user clicks on Follow button but but not sure in this scenario will it be there or not.



      Can anyone give me idea about this specific scenario??.


      Thanks in advance,


      - Rohit