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    OS X app problems one by one


      Hello, I have more problems with OS X app (writing them on Twitter wasn't useful):

      1) I can't look on tasks by due date in app. I have a small team of 12 people and I really need to look at their tasks in one "feed" and by due date. In Asana we did this, but because of desktop app we change to Producteev. Now it is maybe the biggest problem I have. :-)

      2) I can't label tasks in OS X app. Yes, I can label them in the detail of task but not next to the name of task.

      3) It would be very nice to have synchronization with some cloud storage service. In our company, at this time, we use OneDrive.


      If they are to hard to fix, please, contact us, we are C-objective developers and it would be pleasure to help you :-) Thank you for fixing this issues! Marek