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    Forcing an Addon to have a specific ClientID and Secret

    chris.wilkinson.csa Intermediate

      Hi guys,


      Is it possible to force an addon to have a particular ClientID and Secret?


      Our use case is a bit of a composition.  We have a traditional addon with three apps.  We also have an external module running on an SAP server which uses the X-Jive-ClientID header when hitting Jive's V3 API so that it can access/share extended properties used by our apps.


      We've noticed that uninstalling then re-installing our addon gives it a new ClientID and Secret - which breaks our external module because it relies on a static ClientID.  Being able to break our entire configuration by uninstalling/re-installing our addon is a big liability.  We've noticed that we can simply install a new version of our addon over-top of an old version and it will keep the same ClientID.  Still, someone may uninstall/re-install accidentally a year down the road in Production and cause headaches.


      I could probably write a plugin that adds a form to the Apps section of the admin console that allows me to set the ClientID & Secret of an addon.  Is that the best approach?  Is there anything OOTB that would be of use?


      Any feedback is appreciated.




      Erick Dovale Venkat Iyer Surya Metla