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    Anyone else seeing duplicates of profile pics still?




      I'm curious about other environments. We upgraded ours a couple years ago and were given the following upgrade path by Jive support:

      From our at-the-timeversion of

      to 4.5.7

      to 5.0.4

      We're now at


      Now, since the upgrade, we've noticed that people's profile pics are duplicated in their profile page. You see their picture on their profile page, then you see a dozen duplicate pics of them under that, like we've changed the image to the same thing every night for a couple weeks.


      We found that this issue was known in Jive 4.5.8:

      Known Issues in Jive 4.5.8

      People,People: User Profiles




      User profile photo synchronization creates duplicate images


      According to Jive support, the issue is still listed as unresolved, so we should expect to see it in Jive 7 when we upgrade.


      I'm wondering:

      • Is anyone else still seeing this in Jive 7.?
      • Does anyone recall this being fixed after 4.5.8 (perhaps as an undocumented fix.)
      • Has anyone had luck getting a patch for a bug from Jive support? We can't go back and include 4.5.8 in our upgrade path. That ship has sailed.


      Why do we care?

      Well, a lot of people in our company have this. It looks really Mickey Mouse. We have a VIP who has over a hundred profile pictures on her profile page.