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    Better forum listings

    bonebreaker Novice



      Could someone please shred some light on what is necessary to customize the Recent Content view (widget) that lists discussions when looking at the Overview of a forum space? For instance, I would like it to show Likes, No. of Views, Last Post by, etc. similar to a product like vBulletin. At the moment, the information shown is very sparse and not very useful. I've looked around everywhere, but cannot find appropraite information.


      What would be required please to customize what the Recent Content or Activity widget shows? Does it mean to develop a custom widget or can this be configured in some ftl file?


      Sorry in case this is not the right forum to ask such a question, but I looked around and thought this would be a good place.



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          Ryan Rutan Guru

          Depending on the information you want to display, it would make the decision between change existing vs. from scratch development easier to understand.  At a high-level, it I think it makes sense for you to go from scratch ... as it sounds like you are wanting to aggregate some information...perhaps like "last 90 days" ..."last 30 days" etc....


          If you are looking to go the Widget route, then you'll need to start with a plugin, I'd start here:

          Maven Unified Archetype Release Notes


          Secondly, I would take a look at the Do you know Jive-Fu? plugin on GitHub for some example code on getting up and running with Widgets.


          After that, it will come down to some specific Managers and design patterns to get your feature built.


          If you wanted to display this information page off of the Overview tab (i.e. Activity, or Custom Dashboard), then its possible to consider building a Jive App w/ an add-On (see: Getting Started > Creating an App with the Jive Node SDK); however, trying not to over complicate this answer. 


          Moving this thread to the Jive Plugin Developer space for more visibility.  =)


          Hope this helps.

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              bonebreaker Novice

              Thanks a lot for the response. However, there might be some misunderstanding, or I cannot put your response into the right context.


              So here is an example:


              When I open the Pugin Developer forum space, I see the Overview, which looks as following:


              Screen shot 2014-08-09 at 12.10.35 PM.jpg


              The problem is, let's say after 100 responses, I really do not want to see the initial post anymore. With the current display I will scroll to death, in particular if there are several threads that I'm interested in. Following in the Inbox or activity stream does not give me any better options and is also overkill.


              I could change to the Content view, which looks like the following:

              Screen shot 2014-08-09 at 12.11.01 PM.jpg

              This view shows some interesting statistics, but it this does not really help me, because it does not show the thread progress. It would be a lot more useful if it was showing the name of the person who last responded, instead of a "latest activity" time stamp. Also this view is not the default when opening a forum space.


              What's next? I can replace the "Recent Activity" widget in the Overview page to "Recent Content". However, the history of threads this widget shows is very limited, a couple of days, and it does still not show the info I actually need in order to get a quick overview of how the threads are progressing, for instance, who last responded.


              What I would like to accomplish is that the "Recent Content" view or widget shows more information, such as more history and also more columns, including Likes, Views and the name of the last person who responded.


              Here is an example of vBulletin, for instance, although earlier versions of Jive, e.g. 4 provided similar output.


              Screen shot 2014-08-08 at 3.39.13 PM.jpg


              The question is, how to accomplish it? Can I customize the Recent Content widget or do I need to develop a new widget or plugin?



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              bonebreaker Novice

              In case anyone happens to find this and still wonders, me too.