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    Is it a good idea to put a daily limit on actions like UserEvent-LOGGED_IN?


      We are trying to set up a challenge that requires users to login for say 7 successive days. So we set up a "Time Window " challenge using UserEvent-LOGGED_IN as trigger and complete 7 times in 7 days.

      To prevent user completing the challenge by log in multiple times within 1 day, we put a limit on the action UserEvent-LOGGED_IN at 1 time per day.

      But we are concerned that this may cause some unexpected issues since UserEvent-LOGGED_IN is a really common action. It might be called by other challenges, and also may affect action based analytic reports. Is that correct?

      What's Jive/Bunchball's suggestion on this? Is this the right configuration for a challenge described above? Kevin Conaway Curtis Gross