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    Badge Counter/Inbox inconsistencies between site and mobile app

    melanie_giuliani Advanced

      I have recieved multiple reports from users (and have experienced myself) an inconsistency between the push notifications (aka badges) and read/unread notifications on the mobile app and regular site. Is there any way to combat this inconsistency? Would be great if we could have a consistent number of notifications on the site/mobile app and if we could accurately track what notifications we've read/haven't read from both options. Wonder if this is a wrong setting, user error, or if this is just to be expected.


      Thanks in advance for your help with this.




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          gscottoliver Novice

          As an example of this, I have Jive Mobile for iPhone 3.3.3 running on my iPhone 4S, iOS 7.1.2. When I get messages on our company's Jive platform, the badge shows the appropriate number, but if I subsequently read those messages from my office computer's browser, the app does not clear the badge. It still shows the same number. I'm the kind of person who likes to clear notifications when they appear, and since we must log in with a password every time we start the app, this behavior is somewhat annoying.