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    Jive REST API to write or update - read only properties


      Hello all,

      While using Jive REST API - there are many properties that have mode as read-only. If i need to write on those or update those, what is the best way to do that ? So to give an example

      I have a utility that will be reading values from a database and using Jive REST API to post a discussion in a community . So say i have values for a post i.e  when the post was first created and last updated


      IN Jive API - the property is

      updatedISO 8601 Dateread-only

      Date and time this content object was most recently updated.

      publishedISO 8601 Dateread-only

      Date and time when this content object was originally created.

      But since the mode is read-only , it cannot be modified right ? What are my options to reflect the dates correct - when I create this post in Jive community using Jive REST API