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    How are Top Contacts generated in Jive 7?


      I look at my profile and see that for my Top Contacts, it doesn't seem right.


      The first one listed is absolutely not a top contact, I don't even think I have ever interacted with the person listed. The second and third make sense but overall it feels like something isn't right with the list.Others have questioned this as well on our community.


      Anyone experience something similar?

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          I'm definitely curious how this works, and am just waiting for the moment that an employee asks or complains about it. Marnie Pasciuto-Wood - can you help link this to the right Jiver for some insights?

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              Hey Tracy Maurer and Tbolt,


              We've had long discussions internally about this and the relevancy of the results that are returned.  Not only for Top Contacts, but also for Top Places.  I know that these are driven by the Recommender service.  I also know that simply hovering over a person or place, and triggering the hover card, essentially counts as a "view" of that person or place.  So, even though you're not viewing someone's profile, mousing over their name counts as a view.  This is what can make the results seem "off" a bit.

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                  Haha. So a few training sessions or documentation forays could REALLY mess me up on this. I see. Maybe "regular" users get better results? For people, does it count visits made to content posted by a person, or just views of an actual profile?

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                    Hi Marnie Pasciuto-Wood - I know this thread is a bit old but I had a user in my environment recently raise the same questions as above but took it a step further.


                    The issue is that one of their Top Contacts is someone they don't know nor interact with regularly. In fact, the only interaction between the two users was a short private message thread a few weeks ago.


                    The user making the inquiry is very active in our community and has since then regularly interacted with other users who should logically appear as a Top Contact instead. The user also specifically asked if there is a way to reset or erase her Top Contacts to not display the other user. If a reset or clearing is not possible, I'd be interested in also entertaining alternative methods which could potentially influence the Reccomender Service to instead display a different user or set users.




                    CC: our TAM - Jeff Paramchuk

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                        Jeff Paramchuk - Hey Jeff, would you mind looking into this a bit, please?


                        I received a notification that someone from the Jive Team came in a few days ago and marked an answer correct. Not sure if that was supposed to be a "reply" to me...but either way I've been waiting on response for about 2 weeks.



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                            Hi Eric Cruz, sorry for the delay.


                            As I mentioned elsewhere in the thread, many, many things go into populating portions of that page, and it often times seems out of whack.  Even internally at Jive we've had people question the relevancy, and rightly so.  As far at Top Contacts looking incorrect it could be a few things that triggered this:

                            1. The user could have viewed a piece of content that the mysterious other user published, or
                            2. The user could have hovered over their name, triggering the mysterious user's profile card.

                            Both of these (and I'm sure there are others) count as "views" of that mysterious user. So, while unintentional, the system sees those as views.


                            That's not a cut-and-dry answer, but the root of the answer is that your users probably did something to trigger that mysterious person to show up.


                            As far as 'reseting' Top Contacts, I'm not sure if the Recommender can somehow be cleared out and restarted or not. If so, I imagine that would wipe out everything for all your users.

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                      Hello Marnie Pasciuto-Wood, I have a follow up/related question: We just rolled out v7 this week, and are already getting questions about top places.  Above you mentioned that this is driven by the recommender service. So, does that mean that top places that show in a profile are more about what's trending in the platform, as opposed to what place an individual has visited?