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    Your View + Overview Page


      Hello developers,


      I am after a solution (preferably without developing anything) to allow me to get the benefits of Your View page to have the custom content for my users whilst also being able to publish corporate content like I can in an Overview Page. I am using Jive Cloud so need it to work within those constraints too.


      Basically, I want to have a page that has:


      - Centrally Maintained Links

      - Centrally maintained announcements / blogs

      - A user's activity streams

      - Places the user is following


      Does anyone have any suggestions for how to do this? The problem is that I know my users will want the Your View page to be their default as it is really useful. However, I don't want them to miss out on the corporate content as well. I also want to be able to produce a standard design for the home page that has a nice wow factor to appeal to the masses. I can't do this with the Your View page due to lack of customisation options.


      Any ideas?


      Thank you



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          Hi Glen,


          Thanks for posting this. We'd love to see a hybrid centrally maintained/personally maintained Your View as standard Jive functionality, too.


          If you end up posting this as an Idea inJive Interactive Intranet, you have my vote!

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            Ryan Rutan



            It might be best to most this discussion to the Jive platform community.  If developing something is off the table, then that limits the applicable knowledge of this group.  Perhaps the jive platform community and/or community manager groups would be a better place to learn about some best practices that have already been learned?


            Wish I had a better option, but from an audience perspective those might be the better people to field this question.


            Hope that helps

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                Hi Ryan,


                That's a fair suggestion. Thanks!


                Development isn't off the table per se. I just prefer to develop only when necessary. I'll pose the question there too but if anyone has suggestions here that may involve a little dev the I'd still value the input even though it is clearly not what I asked


                Thank you for the suggestion and anything that may follow.


                Kind regards


                Glen Maroney

                Chief Technology Officer


                +61 434 713 702

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                Glen Maroney - Hi Glen, thanks for your question.  I'm adding Davin Kluttz (product owner) and Marnie Pasciuto-Wood (product designer) for YourView.  A couple of comments from a purely OOTB config-not-code point of view:


                • We do have the concept of a centrally managed tile -- under Place management, Add a Tile > Create New Tile.  If you check the box that says only you can edit, then any time you update that tile, every place where it is used sees the updated contents.  This will allow you to do centrally managed links & blogs.

                Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 4.27.54 PM.png

                Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 4.28.06 PM.png

                • While this tile is not currently available to be added to Your View, it eventually will (planned future enhancement)
                • After this, enhancements to YourView include allowing an admin to pre-define a layout (versus the one we ship OOTB)
                • We also plan on offering more tile options -- activity stream, announcements (may be fixed to the page & not editable by the user), and others are in the overall plan


                Hope that helps.

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                    Hi Clara Liang,


                    The enhancements you mention would be a good win for us so thank you for advising of those.
                    It's really useful.


                    With regard to the immediate issue I was trying to address, it looks like we would need to either vary the requirement or develop something I would say. The centrally managed content is fine as we have that on our overview page. The main aim was really to include the personalised stuff on there as well though. We basically wanted to be able to have the view from the corporation as well as the ability for the user to follow their projects and tags all in one place. Otherwise they miss out on the personal stuff or the corporate stuff. It's kind of a one or the other sort of situation.


                    Thanks again for your input though. Can you share anything about the timeline for the future enhancements to Your View? Or what tiles you have in plan for when?

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                      Thanks for sharing that info Clara Liang


                      I have a couple of additional questions for you and Ryan Rutan


                      Is it currently possible to develop tile add-ons for Your View, and if it is, are there any limitations or other things to be taken into account?


                      Sneak Peek: Deep Dive for Your View hints at tile development for Your View being possible, if not now, at least in the future:

                      Extend the platform—We wanted to build a foundation for development around this feature. In the same way developers can create cloud-friendly tiles for Places in Jive, we wanted to create something that can address different use cases now and in the future withJive's Frameworks.


                      I know that the set of tiles available to add to Your View is different from the set of tiles for Places, so I get the hunch that the rules might be different when it comes to developing tiles, too.



                      Also, on another note, but referring to the same Deep Dive, I know that an objective of tiles is to keep config and layout lightweight and simple:

                      Can I use Widgets and Tiles in Your View?

                        • Your View was designed with Tiles in mind. Because Jive can control many aspects of the presentation of data/lists in tiles, Your View is completely responsive and can be viewed on any device.
                        • Keep in mind, another goal we have to make sure a typical (non-power) user can customize their page if they want to. Widgets have some complexities that some users have trouble with. We've carefully considered the user experience around Tiles and will continue to provide more that are easy to set up and where possible, require no configuration at all—just plop them on the page and go!


                      However, as a Jive Cloud user, being able to add Jive Apps, as opposed to only tiles, into Your View would be an awesome feature to have for those wishing to get a little fancy in defining what they see, even if the option would only be available to admins. Any plans and/or thoughts?





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                          Anthony - great questions!


                          You should be able to develop tile add-ons for YourView as long as you're a Jive Cloud customer -- the only limitations I know of are that you are still restricted to the same tile views Jive already supports for Pages.  When you install add-ons, you should now have the option to select whether a tile is available to be used in Places, in YourView, or both.


                          And to your second question - we definitely understand the desire to create a fully custom "app" experience in a tile.  It has potential ramifications (may not render at all on mobile, etc) so there's some work to figure out how we balance the flexibility while being clear on the limitations. 

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                        Kara Francis

                        I'm not sure if this meets your requirements, but this was a quick fix that we implemented.  Ted Hopton posted this a couple of years ago, but we still use it.

                        Re: Do you miss the Your Stuff menu? Build your own!


                        You probably need to add a few other lines to capture the activity streams, etc.  But maybe this code will be a helpful starting point.