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    Updates to Connection Stream

    swaran Novice

      Hi Guys,


      We are looking to use Jive API to send messages to user's Connection Stream, instead of Activity Stream "/api/core/v3/activities" as this makes messages visible to whole community.


      At the moment we don't want to use Notifications.


      Hope community can suggest something.




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          There are a couple of considerations that make this situation rather interesting:

          • Other than direct messages (which show up in the Inbox for each named receiver), activities show up in various activity streams based on where the receiver is following the corresponding object.
          • There is, therefore, no mechanism for a sender to select which stream activities will show up for a particular receiver -- that's totally up to how the receiver has set up their following options.
          • Separately, the general Activity Stream is still filtered by what a particular receiver is allowed to see.  For example, a discussion in a secret group will show up as an activity only for members of that secret group, not for everyone.
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              it2000 Advanced

              You have an onboarding tool which creates streams for users and adds places/people to them, don't you?

              Adding it to the core product could make the life of community managers more easy. Even here one could avoid the 'nothing'-feeling. Everyone should have a 'Jive Talks' stream (;

              The reply went a little bit off-topic .. but without defined places which are followed by a user it may be hard to do this.

              A 'self' stream (following yourself) and private documents could work.