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    how to provide a link to ease group creation with tags?


      On our cloud Jive instance, I'd like to help sales team to easily create "deal room" groups. On our sales space overview page, we have a "calll-to-action" button (link with image in html widget) to do so.

      The link is like  http://xxxxxx.jiveon.com/edit-place.jspa?sr=cmenu&containerType=700&tags=deal-room

      It's indeed much easier for the sales team to create a "deal room" this way than creating a group and adding tags.

      However I'd like to provide a even simplier way, by providing other parameter in creation link. I especially need to

      1. add tags that have a space in their labels (I've only managed to use the tags parameter with no space, for instance tags="deal room" would create 2 tags in fact)
      2. select group type as private by default
      3. apply a template by default
      4. enable the "non-member content editing" option

      I hope someone can help me here.