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    Crazy file names for my Jive-for-Office versioned documents

      Hello - A few months back we started noticing that the filenames for our Office documents managed by Jive for Office began to grow so as to become quite unwieldy.  For example, a simple spreadsheet "CS Orders - Processing and Resourcing" has suddenly started being replaced with the "%20" that I haven'tt seen for months (literally) as a way to address those spaces in the name. has something changed during any of the upgrades of Cloud that would require me to make some sort of adjustment? We don't always have control over the filenames for documents we use with Jive for Office (and this hasn't always happened for such files). Can anyone shed light on this for me?


      An unrelated but also annoying behavior is how Jive for Office seems to add more and more "version indicators" to the original filename, if you collaborate for months on a single document.  I have filenames that look like this:


      ClientServices_Staffing_Consolidated_Master (1) (1) (2) (1) (2) (1)


      and also that look like this:


      ClientServices_Staffing_Consolidated_Master%2520%25281%2529%2520%25281%2529%2520%25282%2529%2520%25281%2529%2520%25282%2529%2520%25281%2529%20%281%29 (1)


      It's the SAME FILE!


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