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    How do you move Note to the top in Producteev


      I'm trying to basically put a list. I'm trying to come up with a name so i'm creating a list in a Note that'll look like this:
      - name 1

      - name 2


      But if i do any action like change the status to In Progress then that comes up as a timeline of actions done to that task and pushes my Note further down. If i come up with another name i have to go down to edit it. Is there a way to keep Notes at that top so when i put a comment, or someone replies to one of my Notes it stays at the top no matter what?

      I know that maybe i should just write one Note for each name but i didn't want to do that. And in the end i would just like all Notes to stick to the top since to me they're the highest priority. Thanks. If this isn't doable what other suggestion might you have?