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    Learning & Development Use Case - Let's meet up at JiveWorld 14

    Keeley Sorokti Advanced

      Related Discussion created after JiveWorld14: What are learning use cases in your Jive community? What role does or could Jive play in your learning design?



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      There has been some twitter chatter about connecting with people who are interested in the learning and development use case at The specified item was not found.. I thought I'd use this discussion as a way for us to find each other.

      There are three opportunities to connect with JiveWorld14 attendees to discuss learning. Make a comment on this discussion to indicate your interest and Keeley Sorokti will invite you in the JiveWorld14 mobile app.


      1) TUESDAY 10/21 (1:35 - 3:34pm in Gracia 4)

      2) WEDNESDAY 10/22 (11:40 - 12:50pm in Belmont Ballroom)

      • LUNCH - look for sign on table that says Learning & Development Meet Up

      3) THURSDAY 10/23 (7:30 - 8:20am in Belmont Ballroom)



      It would be great to connect outside of JiveWorld as well. Perhaps in a google hangout on a quarterly basis. Some of the Higher Education customers have done this and it is a great way to support each other and network.


      NORTHWESTERN MS LEARNING & ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE LEARNING USE CASE: You can read more about how we are using our Jive community at Northwestern University to transform the way that we learn together and think differently about educational technology in higher education: MSLOC Breaks New Ground with Jive Social Coll…


      While my use case is in the context of a higher education masters program (MS Learning and Organizational Change), I am very interested in discussing the use case for learning and development, leadership development, developing personal learning networks, etc. in a corporate / non-profit context. Our program is actually more like a leadership development program in an organization so there is a lot of crossover to non-academic settings.


      Over the past year, my colleague Jeff Merrell and I have had some interesting conversations with several Jive customers about the learning and development use case ( mark britz, Amanda Shenon, Tara Pottebaum,Nona Gormley, Stan JeffressPatty McEnaney, Nils Heuer, Barbara Giannini, Brian Gnatt, Dana Grennier, Lauren Klein , Erin Connors, Kristen Corpolongo, Rachel Happe).  I have found it beneficial to connect with learning and organizational change / OD practitioners to share insights about how tools like Jive are transforming (or could transform) the way we help people learn. I think there is much more we could be doing to leverage tools like Jive to transform the way that we think about and facilitate learning and development, moving from more formal training (butts in seats) to self-directed, just-in-time learning that facilitates the sharing of expertise and knowledge organically throughout the network.  What are your thoughts?


      Andy Wooler -- hopefully this discussion will help us all connect next week and beyond!


      I'm curious to hear about various learning use cases -- reply to this discussion and share!

      • What is your Jive learning use case? Or what could be a learning use case in your organization?
      • Has Jive changed the way that learning & development is happening in your organization? If so, how?
      • How is your organization developing social leaders?
      • How is learning different between internal and external communities?
      • How do we use tools like Jive to converge around topics of interest and develop skills in order to support the company strategy?
      • How do we extend the learning beyond the traditional classroom setting to engage with colleagues outside of the class and then people outside the company?
      • What else is on your mind?


      cc: Tara Panu