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    Can't find Skill Endorsement triggers

    tmaurer Jive SME

      I see in the Jive Advanced Gamification Module (Bunchball): Action List that there were additions for skill endorsements and structure outcomes in the gamification module, but I can't find them. I've started a case, but wanted to see if anyone else had successfully implemented points for these actions, and if there was some special way to set it up.


      Thanks in advance for any feedback you have.

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          Hey Tracy -


          You aren't seeing them in the available actions or they aren't working once added?


          When you need to add these actions to a mission and don't see it in the available actions listed, here is how you add them:


          1.  Go into the Nitro Console and to Actions > Actions

          2.  Create a new folder to store the actions in.

          3.  Select the folder and choose the "New Action" button towards the bottom of the console

          4.  Enter the name of the action exactly as it appears in action list doc (Case sensitive and dashes matter).

          5.  Optionally add a description to the action

          6.  Click the create button.


          As long as the name of the action matches the document here it should work. Jive doesn't say if the category matters, but try your best to match it up just in case.


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              tmaurer Jive SME

              I was unaware that I needed to add new actions into the console. I assumed the drop-down menu populated itself. Silly me. I think my support rep is going to try and have them added by BunchBall instead of manually so that we can avoid the possibility of data entry error.


              Thanks for the quick feedback! That's why I love this community so much!