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    Add-On app.xml not updating

    borentaylor05 Beginner

      I'm getting into Jive app development, but I've hit a roadblock.  No matter what I do (edit app.xml, reinstall extension.zip after restarting node server) the app will not update to reflect changes to app.xml.  This was not initially the case.  For the first few days, everything worked exactly as planned and I could add any and all app actions, then it just quit.  I've tried installing the .zip file locally, on the Sandbox, and in a cloud instance with the same issue everywhere. Here's the important part of my app.xml: (notice the first action is a tab with the label "Knowledge Base")


      <Require feature="actions">

        <Param name="action-contributions">


        <action id="com.ww.user.upload"


                  label="Knowledge Base"



              <action id="com.ww.user.upload"


                  label="Upload Users"








      When the app is installed on an instance, going to a space yields:

      Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 9.17.00 PM.png

      Notice, the tab says "Upload Users" and there is no app listed in actions/places.  This was correct based on my app.xml file from hours ago, but nowhere near correct now.  All of the functionality within the views is correct, which leads me to believe it has to be a problem with app.xml.


      You can see all of my files here on Github.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!