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    Creating a User Group for Cloud Communities

    Libby Taylor

      I've been asked to create a User Group for Cloud Communities.  This post is to inform the rest of the community that this is underway and to see if there is additional interest beyond the people who came to me.


      Scheduling: I've added it to my schedule to do the week of Nov. 7th.

      Admins: So far, the following folks have requested to be admins of the group:

      Joan Coury Ted Hopton Dennis Pearce Timothy Hales

      Jivers: Tyler Whitesides


      Once the group is created, the folks who are listed as admins can make/build/design the group however they want (that's the fun of user groups!)

      See the original thread: User-group for Cloud customers


      FYI: This might also apply to Jive External Communities