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    Jive for Office - replacing spaces with %20 in filename


      Hi Mor Avital,


      We just upgraded to Jive 7 two weeks ago and we noticed that when we update/publish documents to our instance via Jive for Office, the filename is getting changed - spaces are being replaced with %20. The problem is that each time someone collaborates on the document, it keeps adding more and more numbers to the file. We opened a case on this. We were told:

      "This is not the expected behavior and is being caused by a known issue in the current Jive platform, JENSO-6201, which I have linked to this case for tracking.


      This behavior occurs in filenames and certain other metadata are URL-encoded when uploaded. Though we don't currently have an estimated fix date for this bug, as a workaround you should be able to remove the spaces from the file's name to prevent this behavior."


      Unfortunately this is really not ideal for our users especially when we have been pushing them to use Jive for Office. Each time someone edits a document, the name just keeps getting longer and longer. And the workaround is not going to work for us as it basically defeats the purpose of using Jive for Office if we ask users to re-upload the document. Many users have complained about this. Is this something that can be fixed soon?