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    Making progress on a Phonebook app

    wb9tpg Intermediate

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      I'm making good progress on my new phonebook application app that I'm modeling after the Jive User Picker.   Still trying to work out  a few details.  The "People Picker" button is only temporary and there so I can quickly see the OOB functionality.


      Things I observed

      • It looks like I can only sort by one field.  I'd love to pass in ['lastNameAsc","firstNameAsc"] and have it use both values
      • Pagination on the get() method looks like it's broken when you include a "query"; it returns a 400 error executing the result object returned form getNextPage() so I switched to use the search() method with works
      • The built in People Picker Browse tab has issues with the Alphabetical tabs. Names beginning with a different letter show up.  I'm trying to figure out a correct way to implement that.


      Things to Solve

      • How to find out if this Jive instance has OrgChart enabled?
      • How to get the URL so I can redirect the user to the built in OrgChart when the user clicks my OrgChart tab


      Thanks for looking