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    App.xml not updating (IDs are different)

    borentaylor05 Beginner

      I started a discussion a few weeks ago with a similar problem (Add-On app.xml not updating).  Fixing the IDs worked, but now I've run into a similar issue.


      My app is displaying actions from an old version of app.xml.  Even if I delete everything from the CDATA block and reupload extension.zip, the old app actions are displaying.

      Here's my CDATA along with the old action commented out:



               <action id="com.wwc.dev-kb-us"


                  label="KB Dev"





              <action id="com.wwc.add-to-doc"


                  label="Add Doc to KB"



              <action id="com.wwc.kb"


                  label="Knowledge Base"





      Here's what I get when I go to any group:

      Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 12.03.15 PM.png

      Notice the tab "KB Dev" that is the label for the action that is commented out in app.xml and there is no tab labeled "Knowledge Base".


      Any suggestions on how to handle this?